Top 5 Reasons for a Vacation Home in the Bahamas

Top 5 Reasons for a Vacation Home in the Bahamas

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There's a reason the Bahamas served as a treasure hub for battling privateers, warring Monarchs, and the famous seafaring rogues of the "Golden Age of Piracy" in the Caribbean.

Besides a plethora of natural wonders, beautiful seasons, and a cultural mythos that lives even to this day, the Bahamas are also one of the earth's greatest locales for both adventure and relaxation. With a variety of island territory to choose from for staking a claim, the global real estate investor searching for a private Caribbean paradise would do well to consider the Bahamas.

Below, we'll explore five of the top reasons the Bahamas are one of our favorite places for investment. 

1. Incomparable Beaches & Seas

Miles upon miles of pristine sands chart the Bahamas, and grant easy access to the flawless sky-blue seas the area is famed for. A premium location for boating, snorkeling, or diving, the aquatic explorer will find more than just a diverse array of sea life and reef formations. Shark diving is a popular (and intimidating!) pursuit among the Lucaya & Freeport area.

And for those hoping for a piece of buried treasure, the Bahamas is dotted with massive shipwrecks to explore for an unforgettable diving experience. With over 700 islands to hop to and from, no day's adventure will ever be like another.

"The Bahamas is truly a special place because although it's very close to the US, you feel like you've entered a new world once you arrive. Once you visit, you'll know exactly what I mean.-Chris Williams, CEO of Legacy Global Development

2. Natural Wonder

Besides the unmatched sands and seas, the Bahamas are also home to several of the world's famous natural monuments. Consider traversing West End, a 25-mile stretch from Freeport, along which prohibition-era architecture and carefully preserved rum-running operations exist to this day.

Or, for the naturalist at heart, spend a day in the Hydroflora Gardens, Rand Nature Center, or Lucayan National Park, and ensure your camera equipment is up-to-par for capturing unimaginable nature formations.

3. A Caribbean Agora

The seaside shopping complex of Port Lucaya's Marketplace offers exotic treasures from around the globe. Fitting with the Caribbean's place in history as a hub for sea trade, Port Lucaya provides a picturesque outdoor arena packed with stores from the world's most acclaimed fashion houses, retailers, and department stores. "Souvenir" doesn't do justice to describe the wealth of international treasures on display, from the finest Asian silks to exotic, premium scents courtesy of Europe's world-famous perfumers.

The frequent island-hopper need not worry. Most of these selections are duty-free.

4. Fine Dining & Nightlife

The Bahamas is famous for a colorful and exciting nightlife, ensuring no shortage of nocturnal adventure after a leisurely day in the sun. Besides a variety of nightclubs and music venues, the Freeport area boasts phenomenal dining and an exciting bar scene.

Grand Bahama serves a culinary hub for the area, with an enormous variety of global cuisines on display. Authentic Bahamian palettes will find excellent company in Port Lucaya's ethnic-fusion eateries, and for the lover of seafood, you'd be hard-pressed to find a fresher entree than one likely fished from the sea earlier that day.

True gourmands will find some of their best choices in the streets rather than the restaurants. Food festivals are a highlight of the Bahamian food culture, such as the All Andros Crab Festival every June, or the annual Pineapple Festival on Eleuthera each may.

5. The Perfect Climate

Vacation home investors commonly ask "what are the best times to visit?" In the Bahamas, it's difficult to answer with anything other than "whenever you feel like it." While the spring months can see some heavy rains, precipitation is rarely an extended affair. The Bahamian climate rarely alternates from a constant, balmy warmth, with even winter months enjoying consistent 70 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Regardless of the time of year, the Bahamas ensures constant comfort and plenty of sunshine.

These are but some of the reasons the Bahamas offer such a tempting location for a vacation home. With close proximity to both the U.S. and numerous outlying vacation hotspots, the Bahamas should certainly rank at the top of your list when evaluating your next global investment.

If you'd like to experience life in The Bahamas, book a Discovery Stay today!

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