A Fisherman's Dream: Abaco Islands, Bahamas

A Fisherman's Dream: Abaco Islands, Bahamas

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Abaco Islands in the Bahamas offers over 120 miles of premium access for the Caribbean angler. Sparsely populated with roughly 10,000 residents, the Abacos provide an extreme variety of species, fishing techniques, and territory to explore for the international traveler itching to drop a line.

Below, we'll cover some of the best spots around the Abacos for ensuring an impressive catch, and why the Bahamas is a phenomenal choice for island-hopping anglers. 

The Maris

One of the better-known spots for fishing in the Bahamas, the Maris contain miles of shallow fishing pools for wading, as well as deeper pools easily accessible by boat. Multiple fishing guides take advantage of the area, but solo fishermen will have little trouble finding their own secluded pool with a little exploring. The Maris are home to an enormous variety of cays, pools and creeks, ensuring a diverse tackle kit will not go to waste.

Note that many parts of the Maris may be unwieldy to traverse for the inexperienced fisherman. While these spots may offer choice opportunities for a bountiful catch, consider consulting one of the various local guides before planning a solo trip into the deeper parts of the Maris.

Sandy Point

Located to the South, Sandy Point is home to numerous wading pools both small and large. Sandy Point's unique layout means finding a private angling spot to make camp is not difficult, and the impressive size of some of the larger sea flats attract equally impressive prey. 

Sandy Point, like much of the Abaco area, also boasts a rich tourist industry not far from the more remote fishing spots. For the angler with family in tow, one need not worry about being missed on a long fishing trip with a variety of activities for the traveling companions back among civilization.

Cherokee Sound

A fairly well-known tidal flat, Cherokee Sound attracts fishermen from the area for a reason, combining a natural setting worthy of professional photography with a variety of coveted sea species to pursue. Novice anglers should be made aware that many of the species in the Sound are notoriously difficult catches. With the exception of the virtually-guaranteed bonefish swarms found all over the Abacos, hooking one of these more challenging species may require patience, persistence, and an extended visit.

The Sound also boasts extensive streams to both the northern and southern tips, should less-intensive creekside angling be your calling.

The Eastern Cays

To the East of the Abacos lie numerous cays with excellent tides for rarer species. However, most of this area is not typically suited to overland travel or wading. While these cays are a highly coveted fishing spot, plan on using a boat if considering exploring the area. More common species like bonefish are also in great number closer to shore, so consider Sandy Point or another nearby spot for similar fishing conditions with less troublesome access.

Snake Cay

Located a short distance from Marsh Harbour, Snake Cay is a fantastic and less-populated fishing spot for daytime wading. While the tides can be often unpredictable and temperamental, this also means stellar tide conditions throughout the day, and may be worth spending an extended trip to improve your odds. Fishing from the shore is perfectly adequate, and there is usually little reason to travel further into the outlying cays or lagoons.

Casuarina Point 

One of the smaller spots on our list, the tiny village of Casuarina Point also enjoys a gorgeous tidal flat off the beaten path from many of the more popular fishing locations. Fishing from the shore requires little preparation (many rental homes and shops are in literal walking distance from the shoreline), and Casuarina's local fishing culture is friendly, knowledgeable, and an excellent resource for some in-the-know advice for your trip. Casuarina is also dotted with various creeks for easy fly fishing with minimal transport.

Finally, consider renting a small boat from one of the Casuarina shops. This will provide convenient access to a variety of nearby cays and pools infrequently traversed by tourists, granting plenty of time for quiet reflection and private angling.

Only 200 miles from Florida, the Abacos are an obvious choice for a Bahamian adventure, including some serious angling. While these are some of our favorite spots to drop a line, the Bahamas feature an enormous variety of stellar fishing options, and the Abaco Islands a solid contender for one of the best.

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